Hitachi household central air conditioning end one-stop service

new House needed renovation, my husband is very busy with work, but as a family of "housewives" I had provoked the responsibility of love to dress for themselves. Two months of renovation process of happiness and anger and bitter, one of the most happy and pleasant than central air conditioning installations, because I chose the Hitachi household central air-conditioning to provide "one-stop" solution.

after comparing February 20  13 Finally

his beloved home to several large renovation, so each decoration process I have gone through the comparison and choice of several service providers, almost to the point of nitpicking. In order to select the central air conditioning service, 13 times more than room service for before and after I was inquisitive, Leng forced me into the pseudo air conditioning experts!! As you know, which I do a lot of technical problems of housewives taking over the family. Compression rates, power consumption, air compressor, Expander, Hydrogel, layout of inlets, pipe, fan direction, DC-AC, frequency is the frequency conversion ... ... These made my head swell.

Select Hitachi household central air-conditioning, not only because it provides air conditioning product technology, and also because I do feel the Hitachi's "one-stop" system solutions personalized and excellent service attitude, during the entire installation process one by one onto the ground, that's impressive.

March 1  4 time drafts, designs and finally worked out

previously, Hitachi of warm pass designer has to had I home seriously to for has measurement, on I home of area, and structure, and room layout uses, are for has detailed records, also and I hired of decoration company for has times communication, in not effect indoor decoration effect of situation Xia for I provides has design programme, and I determine air conditioning unit of model, and layout and pipeline layout,. After the signing, Hitachi HVAC designers modified design as my views many times, including some of my looks "layman" requirement, they are intimate on the premise of ensuring the technical effect was taken care of by. Then I realized, Hitachi air conditioning was able to personalized care to the needs of customers, because unique long piping design and same-diameter refrigerant piping system, it enables the design of central air conditioning, easy installation and are more flexible and can be guaranteed Interior to maximize results.

amended several times, Hitachi HVAC designers are looking for trouble to my home site visits, design and finally the result fully without destroying the original interior design, plus a lot of extra points.

March 8   installed, the first thing was to produce documents

finally installed! In early morning, Hitachi engineers with equipment installation services came to the scene, solemnly told me the first thing to show their certificate of induction, they pass through the company's Headquarters after several months of training to be certified, so I was relieved.

before installation, Hitachi's engineers and dealer representatives also gave me explicit specification for the installation and, invited me to monitor the installation process. During the installation process, engineers have most impressed me is that they did promise in strict accordance with established each step of installation instruction, especially if installation rules need to express to me is always meticulously I to examine satisfaction until after the next installation, installation is truly full standardization, openness and transparency.

March 13   installation debugging

installation is complete, you should debug. I don't know what to install in the correct context, got to be the shuaishouzhanggui, because I know from the installation process, Hitachi's services can be assured. On that day, three engineers installed over and over again and changing temperature, model, record every parameter of I don't understand, every room measured it again and again, cooling and heating time, temperature changes, and so on, all busy all day debugging is complete. An engineer found room in the middle of air outlet sound anomalies and check it again, only to discover that decoration, decoration in the template in a small piece of ceiling ventilation tubes. So slight exception of Hitachi's engineers can find really admire, really   "process quality, detail beyond satisfaction."

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