Wooden door maintenance tips

1. when the cleared surface stained wooden door, using a soft cotton cloth, with a hard cloth is very easy to scratch the surface. When the stain is too heavy, use neutral detergent or toothpaste or furniture cleaning agents, stain and then wipe.

2. Note that soaked in neutral reagent or a wooden door is not moisture cloth surfaces placed for a long time, otherwise it will damage surface immersed, discoloration or peeling of surface finishing materials.

3. Note wooden edges too much scrubbing, or it will cause edges and peeling paint.

4. hinges, locks are usually active parts, loose, immediately tighten hinge location sound should be filling in time, lock the keyhole opening is not flexible to add the right amount of pencil lead, not just oil.

5. local split wooden door edge, iron pad cloth to dry ironing available in prison.

paint for wooden doors factory later in the processing technology, it will directly influence the final result. While painting costs is one of the largest part on the wooden door cost.

type of paint is broadly divided into phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paints, Nitro paints, polyester and PU lacquer. Phenolic paints and alkyd paint due to poor adhesion of paint texture and basically eliminated in the decoration, Nitrocellulose paint because construction is relatively simple and suitable for hand-operated, hand-decorated by most use wood, but its thin film, not shooting well, yellowing performance is poor, the effect is not very good. Polyester paint film relatively heavy, but its diluent containing radon in the volatile and film hardness is slightly weaker.

ideally PU paint, PU paint with polyester paint coating not only thick, strong adhesion, transparent good advantages, and it seals better in terms of moisture-proof wooden door has a very important role, PU coating hardness, durability, resistance to yellowing and environmental protection is unmatched by other paint.

wooden door choices, paint is one of the factors that must be considered, which directly affects the texture, feel, moisture-proof, issues such as environmental protection, durability, resistance to yellowing.

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