Feng Shui Office decoration

Office decoration must be combined with a major shareholder of Feng Shui Feng Shui Numerology horoscopes to locate whole pattern coconut Liu reminds you to decorate the master starts and relocation of choosing an auspicious day Numerology horoscopes must be combined with the main shareholders choose not rushing on the day is for everyone, and companies haul dangerous. Most of the day working in the mental working environment in the Office, both executives and office workers, whether it is a group manager or a company Manager, directional and interior decoration office equipment is essential. Auspicious orientation on one of the gas field strategy, courage, wisdom, wealth, career help, so as to better play to their abilities and talents, Office environment will naturally affect the sound decision making, career success or failure and the rise and fall of business. Because in today's society a wide variety of occupations, each person's life and the different mix, Office Feng Shui layout, naturally, than we Office decoration Feng Shui sum up some principles should be followed: bogey's back door and sit, avoid sitting on the aisle window, avoid after Windows, suitable backer, reasonable choose desk mirror, avoid irradiation, avoid the bar top.

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