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middle of Shenyang Architectural Engineering Limited is a home improvement, tools, accessories, furniture, building materials of large-scale companies. Provides Shenyang decoration company, and Shenyang decorative company, and Shenyang decoration company, and Shenyang decoration, and Shenyang decorative, and Shenyang decoration, and Shenyang Office decoration, and Shenyang Villa decoration, and Shenyang plant decoration, and Shenyang Office decoration, and Shenyang which home decoration company good, and Shenyang best of decoration company, professional service, Shenyang Middle building decorative Engineering Limited is China decorative industry ten strong brand, and China building decorative Association members, and Shenyang indoor decorative Association members, and China decorative industry ten influence brand, and China home industry ten fashion brand , The home industry of China's top ten green brand, widespread consumer recognition and trust. Companies adhering to the "customer satisfaction is the sole criterion for testing" business purpose, committed to innovation, continuous improvement, after years of experimental practice, creating a set of strict quality control, cost management and reasonable, competitive advantages on the market of home improvement--TI management system mode, and to bring our customers the most user-friendly products and services. As China decorative industry of leading enterprise one of, company to Beijing for development and customer service base, constantly expand market, in recent years always keep high-speed and sound of development situation, in domestic home market first into scale development stage, currently has in Harbin, and Shenyang, and Luzhou, and Nantong, and Luoyang, and linfen, and Dandong, to opened has more than 10 more than branch, company in national of strategy layout increasingly mature and perfect. Pay attention to personnel training, with a large number of professional design and construction personnel, with more than more than 200 designers, construction of more than more than 1000 Professional staff strength of service consumers nationwide.


company adhering to professional team, and quality service of enterprise spirit, company brings together has a domestic senior management talent, and high quality design elite and first-class construction team, and times arrangements employees to field study learning frontier of design concept and process practices, grasp popular trend, company has more sector Division clear of, home design Department build-up large superior home design, tooling Department selected domestic experience rich elite design, Engineering Department after thousand pick million elected top of construction team, In normalized scientific quality management, specializing in the design, construction, creating a comprehensive and thoughtful service and strive to provide customers high quality, stylish and comfortable satisfaction space. Home Design
     case/>     always pursue international perspective with the perfect combination of local living environment, adhere to the design as a function of the faith on the one hand, on the other hand is committed to enhancing the taste of home contents, relying on strong design strength and accurate grasp of the popular trend in home environments, Soviet Union decoration design team has a cutting-edge design concepts and rich practical experience, good skill design of creative inspiration, in the context of careful study of each and every customer characteristics and on the basis of individual requirements, integration of cultural essence and international home fashion elements, tailored for the customer the most suitable home environment plan. Professional home financial advice can help the customer to rational use of funds, better control of the renovation budget. Designer accessories throughout the tracking service to ensure a full unity of function, fashion and style. Order
     new engineering projects hotel, hotel, kindergarten, salon, KTV, offices, salons, schools, bath Center, hospitals, restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, clinics, Business Club, entertainment, restaurant, Office building, Office, store, stores, fast food restaurants, yoga Hall, stalls, gym, Sales offices, supermarkets, shopping malls, foot massage shop, restaurant, cafĂ©, conference room, pool, barbecue, hot pot restaurant, Club House, 4S shops showrooms, factories and other business equipment, Soviet Union decoration has many years experience in tooling, medium and large repair and national secondary qualification.
     decoration imposed more than 360 degrees on a private service of process are equipped with private services team for each customer, including detailed division of labor for the project designers, quality oversight Commissioner, account executive, guarantee service level: first to introduce home information management system in the industry, Realization of convenient and efficient communication and timely follow-up, so that customers can enjoy in every detail of the decoration of private services.


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